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Studying tips: How to excel during exams

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Studying for exams is never fun, but you can make the process easier for yourself whilst scoring the grades you are after. We have selected six studying tips that could come in handy.

1. Strategise

Work strategically, set yourself clear goals, and work towards these. Organize your studying schedule, stick to it by minimizing procrastination, and manage your time by using the following time management tips.

2. Study here and there

Scientists claim that one's memory is to a large extent coloured by circumstances like studying location. They say that changing your study location, for instance from the library to a coffee shop or home, increases the likelihood of remembering what you've learned.

3. Switch in between subjects

Immersion into one subject for hours on end, followed by immersing yourself into the next subject for long stretches of time, is not an effective study method. Researchers advise you to switch between subjects to keep the brain wide awake whilst keeping boredom at bay.

4. Take breaks

When you get tired, rest your brain. There is no point of studying when your brain is tired and stressed. Take regular breaks from your books by having a nap or going for a walk. A tired mind is after all a slow mind.

5. Practice makes master

Prepare by practising on old exams, if these are available. This will help you to get used to the format of the questions and the time frame.

6. Exam breakfast

You will perform much better during your exams when you have fuelled your body (and brain), so don't skip breakfast. Opt for brain food and drink lots of water. Being well-hydrated is essential for your brain to work

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