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Unisa: a case study on how NOT to communicate

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So Unisa's contact center is still closed. Their initial statement of "We're closing our contact center to improve communication" seems more and more like a bad joke.

Most students have taken to visiting their regional offices personally due to the abysmal levels of service Unisa now offers via email and SMS, but for those not lucky enough to be close to regional office, communication with Unisa has become a nightmare. From student reports (and personal experience) Unisa takes on average 3 weeks to respond to an email. It doesn't seem like Unisa responds to SMSs at all. Their "copy-and-paste" responses on HelloPeter ( also smacks of an institution that has stopped caring about their students.

Another option seems to phone the lecturers directly, but that only works some of the time and only if you're lucky enough to catch a lecturer in the office. Most lecturers' contact details are printed in the first tutorial letter of the subject and my personal suggestion is to phone them directly using those details for any non-administrative issues.

If you think it might make a difference, you're welcome to sign up for this petition:, which is asking Unisa to bring back their contact center. Perhaps if we spread this around and get a few thousand people to sign the petition they might reconsider? However, given Unisa's attitude towards students I'm not very optimistic.

Unisa has become a case study on how not to communicate with your customers ( and I think it's embarrassing that it's almost impossible to communicate with this "world class" institution. The forum is littered with questions and rants from students about Unisa's incompetence in answering queries and resolving issues.

We can only hope Unisa reconsiders this ill conceived attempt at reducing costs and reinstitutes the call center in the future.