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Carte Blanche exposé on Unisa

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Some of Unisa's chickens have finally come to roost as Carte Blanche aired a segment on a number of assignment and exam marking bungles at Unisa.

Students have been complaining about sub-standard assignment and exam marking for a very long time, without any response or action from Unisa.

Unisa also makes the process for querying your marks as difficult as possible, by requiring upfront payments for a remark and by taking up to 6 months to return an exam script.

The university has responded (you can read the response here) and has tried to give the impression that they are completely unaware of the problem. If Unisa is in fact unaware of the problem, it would indicate that the university is even more out of touch with the student body than previously imagined.

The exposé confirms what any student can tell you: Unisa's quality control in terms of exam and assignment marking is seriously lacking and has negatively prejudiced many students in the past.

Perhaps Unisa will finally sit up and take notice now that their incompetence has been highlighted, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

You can watch the Carte Blanche episode here.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:48