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Accidents happen and bad luck strikes: get insured

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One of the downsides of being a student comes in the disguise of a tight budget. As a result, insurance is often not treated as a priority. However, being protected against health problems, the implications of traffic accidents and other issues is crucial.


Getting a medical aid is a non-negotiable. That you are healthy now doesn't mean you will never need to see a doctor. Besides, accidents happen, they happen all the time, and they happen to everyone. Even the smallest fracture as a result of a traffic collision could cost you, when uninsured, tens of thousands of rands in surgery and specialist costs. Various medical aid companies have low-cost plans for students, including Momentum and One Plan.


Do you own a car? Do yourself a favour and get insurance, even if it is just Third Party Liability insurance. This covers you when causing damage to someone else's vehicle. More comprehensive insurance covers you against issues such as fire damage, hail storms, hijacking, and intentional damage.


Have you ever asked yourself how you would replace your material possessions, such as text books, laptop, camera and phone, in case your house burns down? What about when someone breaks into your home? Household content insurance protects you from having to fork out thousands of rands to make up for the loss. You can also insure just your most valuable belongings including your phone, camera, laptop and other equipment.


Insurance doesn't come for free. However, our motto is: rather pay a couple of hundred of rands you do have, instead of having to pay tens of thousands of rands you don't have. For budgeting tips, see our previous story .

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 March 2014 09:56