Exam time: Brain food for students

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:01 Miriam Mannak
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You are what you eat, and this is particularly valid when it;s exam time. Whilst your scores largely depend on how well you have studied, the correct nutrition can certainly help your brain's performance.

1) Fatty fish

Your brain is mainly made up of fatty membranes. Eating the rights fats such as omega-3 fatty acids is crucial. Think salmon, tuna, sardines and other fatty fish, either tinned or fresh

2) Nuts

Vegetarians in need of omega-3's can pig out on nuts and seeds. Walnuts are the best. Apart from omega-3's, they contain protein and vitamin B6. On a budget? Sunflower seeds in addition contain thiamine for memory and tryptophan which your brain converts to serotonin (a feel good hormone which helps prevent depression and insomnia).

2) Protein

Your body needs protein to function optimally. Great sources include meat, poultry and fish as well as almonds, walnuts, tofu, cheese, beans, seeds and eggs. Women need ±46 grams of protein and men 56 grams. That equals to a 200-250 gram chicken breast.

3) Fruit

Fruit high in vitamin C, fibre, and water will help your memory whilst keeping your immune system in check. Think oranges, naartjies, blueberries and pawpaw.

4) Green leafy veggies

Green leafy veggies such as spinach are cheap, easy to add to sandwiches, salads and other meals and are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6. These are all essential to keep your brain healthy and happy.

5) Green tea

Green tea gives you a caffeine and energy kick whilst providing you with all sorts of anti-oxidants that are good for your body. It is a good alternative for coffee, and often cheaper too.

6) Eggs

Eggs, apart from being a good source of protein, contain cholin. Your brain needs this to maintain its motor function.

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2Thursday, 22 May 2014 13:38
You also need complex carbohydrates such as brown rice & sweet potato. Your brain needs carbohydrates to function.
1Tuesday, 20 May 2014 15:21
if anyone has tutorial letters and study guides for LLW2602, please upload it on this site.
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